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Why Learn About Relationships From Us

David & Leah

We're not psychologists. We're not relationship counselors. We're not sex therapists.

We're basically regular people who have learned quite a lot over the years on how to be happy in relationship, how to get through the darkness in relationship, how to better communicate & listen and how to connect easier with people in general. We simply want to share with others what we've learned, what works for us and have FUN doing it! We are passionate about relationship and we feel particularly enthused about the accelerated personal growth that can come from being in an intimate relationhip. You can't hide in relationship, there's always the most powerful mirror right there in your face! The things I've learned (and continue to learn) about myself through being in relationhip are kinda mind-blowing.


David and I have both been married before. We didn't know how to communicate with our spouses very well at all. There was a lot of fear around communication and opening up completely but also we didn't have the tools to even know how to begin. Divorcing pushed us in the direction of learning more about conscious relationship, authenic communication and radical honesty. We have similar stories. As they say in Thailand, "same same, but different".

There are certainly ongoing challenges that we deal with, but we realize it's a daily choice to be together, to not let pain or ego consume us. We choose to celebrate and focus on Love.

In our Mystical Relationship workshop/playshop:

We will be sharing a sacred space commuincation ritual, where you sit face-to-face with your partner and David will guide you through the appx 20 min process. This is a beautiful ritual that is a foundation in our relationship. It's not just for intimate couples, it works beautifully with best friends, family and even total strangers!

Also, a generous portion of this class will be learning Thai massage techniques. What a wonderfal way to give and receive with your partner or friend. We'll also be trail-mixing in a few other practices such as laughter yoga, self-Love meditation and group affirmation circle.

So if you're looking for something new to do that will help you in your relationhips and help make connecting with others easier, then we hope to see you soon! We keep the atmosphere light, casual and fun!

Come dressed in comfy, stretchy yoga type clothes and with an open heart and mind.

It has been a true joy and honor to have been able to share this workshop at Sedona Yoga Festival, as well as with our beloved local Dallas community.

Please find our Mystical Relationship schedule on the classes/events page. Thank you and many blessings to you!

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