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Tuning In to Lighter Touch in Massage Therapy

hand massage

There are times when a certain amount of deeper pressure is desired and required to satisfy a craving.

However, if you’re someone who always requests for your therapist to give you deep pressure, if you're resistant to light/medium touch, if you usually say to them “you can’t hurt me”, I’d like to encourage you to consider giving lighter touch another chance.


This is a wonderful practice that may help you become much more deeply aware of your body and what it’s telling you. When you are able to listen to your body with keen discernment, you have a better chance of responding to its needs in the highest and best way. It's like the intention of meditation, when you quiet your mind, the answers come. This can lead you closer to optimum health, if you're not there already. Not only this, but the awareness will also expand to your everyday life out in the world. We can walk this Earth much more empowered and joyful this way!

Letting go…

Perhaps it has to do with letting go, trusting more. When you are completely relaxed, trusting in your therapist and quieting your mind, you’ll be able to feel so much more. You’ll appreciate even the most gentle movements and when you trust your therapist, you will know these light touches are doing just as much if not more than the deeper pressure. Healing comes with being present, and this is most powerful when both giver and receiver can join in this space. This is certainly the intention from both David and myself as givers. I realize that trust is often easier said than done for some people. Many of us deal with with "trust issues" and are currently on the path to healing the wounds that created those issues. This practice can aid you on that path.

Expanded Awareness

Most of us could stand to have our awareness expanded, in other words, wake up.

As someone who has woken up in a major way since my thirties, I must say it has been a much better place to be overall. No, it doesn't mean pain doesn't come up in life anymore. Though how I now choose to deal with that pain lets me to move through it easier and typically quicker too. With expanded awareness, or "mindfulness" navigating life, we are able to align with our destined path and know and live our truth easier.


I've had some very powerful experiences while receiving gentle touch massage, gentle stretches, or subtle energy techniques that were either barely touching me or not touching me at all. Sound vibrations of gongs, bowls or tuning forks get me every time! David can give me the slightest stretch on my foot and I'll feel a release in my upper back. I personally feel so much more profound appreciation during these experiences of lighter touch therapy.

Try it out

It may be more difficult to get into this space if you are caffeinatted, hyped up for any other reason, or just very stressed and anxious. Arrange your session when you can be free of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc.

If anxiety is taking a hold of you anyway, you could try using a little lavender oil to assist in calming, and/or taking several deep breaths before and during your session.

Don't be discouraged if you don't "get it" the first time. It could take practice, like many things in life do. Each session with this new intention will likely bring more heightened awareness every time.

Vedic Thai massage is designed to help ease the recipient into a meditative state. What you experience will also depend on the energy of the therapist. If you are with a more yang style (quicker movements and typically stronger) therapist, you might want to ask them to slow it down. Also, tell them you don't want to talk much. Some therapsits talk a lot during a session, and that can be fun and fine sometimes, but also usually will detract from what you are feeling in your body.

Everybody is different. Some people respond best to Rolfing (which I think is about the deepest pressure possible) and some people benefit most from Craniosacral therapy (which is only about a nickels weight of pressure). There are many levels and styles of healing and you have to find what works best for you. Because we live in a multi-dimensional Universe, there are many truths out there. There is no therapy that is overall better for everyone. Maybe you'll try several sessions of light touch therapy and decide it's still not what you want. It may be something to try again a year from now. Or not. Either way, I wish you the best for your health and happiness!

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