Vedic Thai masage back comprssion

Thai Yoga Massage

                         with David

60 min                        $100

90 min                        $150

120 min                      $185

Thai Massage Packages

Save 10% when you buy a 

package of 4 same length sessions. 


Save 15% when you buy a package of 10 same length sessions. 

*packages of 4 expire 90 days from purchase

*package of 10 expires 7 months from purchase

Swedish Massage with Misty

 (at The Health Collective in Dallas at 75 & Royal Ln.

60 min                        $85

90 min                      $125

120 min                    $170

dry brushing add-on option      $15 first time

-you get to keep 2 brand new dry brushes and can bring them back for future sessions. This is great for lymphatic movement and skin rejuvenation.

Energy Therapy with Misty
Learn more

60 min                               $85
add essential oils                $10
45 min Raindrop Technique   $85

Email Misty to schedule!

Pre-Natal Massage

with Misty

60 min                    $95

90 min                   $135

Pregnant belly

Contact us to book your session!

We understand that things come up sometimes! If an emergency arises and you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours, we will be able to do so once without penalty. Surely we all hope it wouldn't happen again, however if it does, you will be required to prepay for your next session with no refund if you cancel within 24 hours, rescheduling would require another full session payment. If you are using a pre-paid package, you will lose a session. Thanks for understanding! 

Cancellation policy, please and thanks! 

Private Sessions

Thai Bodywork  (with David)


Thai Yoga-Massage is an amazing synthesis of many techniques; using compression, reflexology. energy line work, stretching and yoga. To achieve all of these effects, we use our palms, thumbs, feet, elbows, forearms and knees to give a massage uniquely different than therapy in any other modality. This system creates a powerful release of stress and tension, and an increase in vitality and well-being. 

*Different styles- 

If you are looking for a more dynamic session with the maximun amount of stretches and techniques offered, David is the therapist for you! If you are looking for a more gentle, energetic, slower paced session, Misty is the therapist for you!



Energy Therapy (with Misty)

This is a unique and powerful session, tailored to each individual, offering assistance in releasing old energies that no longer serve you. Misty will use a loving trail mix of subtle energy techniques to help create balance for you on all levels, Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. These techniques will always include Misty's most powerful tool, Creative Visualization, along with at least 2 others such as Craniosacral Therapy, tuning fork/sound vibration, essential oil, crystal energy, toe reading, Reiki, light massage and/or stretching and breath work. This session will also include some time to chat before and after. If we are doing a phone session, it will be more focused on conversaion and visualization techniques. 

more info:


A Reiki session involves working with the subtle energies of the body.  The practitioner (Misty) places their hands lightly on the different energy centers, or chakras of the body, with Loving intention to restore balance on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  

Reiki is an experience, as undefinable as LOVE, and just as real.

Check out this article about Reiki. 


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral work is an evolution out of Cranial Osteopathy, a specialization of the osteopathic profession that was introduced to the world in the 1930s by an American osteopath and visionary called William Garner Sutherland.

It is a gentle touch holistic healing system, focusing on the 22 bones that make up the human head, the vertebra and sacrum, and also on the brain, the central nervous system, the cerebrospinal fluid and the system of membranes inside the cranium and spinal column. 

This therapy helps relieve disharmonies such as; headaches, chronic neck and back pain, stress and tension, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, TMJ, Scoliosis, learning differences, ADD/ADHD, Post-Traumatic stress disorder, orthopedic problems and much more.

Here's a great article on the Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy on LiveStrong


Raindrop Technique

"Young Living's proprietary Raindrop Technique is a unique practice based on methods that have been used for centuries to rejuvenate the body and mind. The Raindrop Technique helps bring balance and harmony to the body by combining targeted massage and distinctive energy approaches."

Misty begins with applying the oils to the spinal reflexology point on the feet, then onto the spine itself. This is a gentle yet powerful experience, boosting the immune system, relieving pain and inflammation, improving posture and calming anxiety.


We are happy to come to your home, office or party for private sessions (of Vedic Thai Massage only), within 10 miles of us and with a travel fee, amount depending on distance. Travel fees are $20 and up. Please call or email us for more information.  


Couples Massage

We are available to offer two sessions at the same time. We love working together! How wonderful to share in this powerful and relaxing massage, side-by-side with a dear loved one.  David will be doing Thai massage on the floor mat while Misty does the Swedish Massage on the table.