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As of 2024, Thai Love Yoga will officially be run completely by David Tietje, including all classes taught by him alone. Misty will continue joining classes as co-teacher and assistant on occasion if she is available. She is shifting her focus to other projects. The feedback below is from past workshops which were presented by David & Misty.

"I had no idea what to expect in the Thai Massage Workshop because I had never seen it or experienced it before. Under the careful and knowledgeable guidance of David (and Misty), we as a group learned this modality both by practicing and receiving it. The Thai massage literally changed my body. The different methods performed both by me and upon me changed the way my blood flows. I have always had difficulty throughout my life with limbs "falling asleep". To counteract this, I would do something aerobic like running which worked for a day or so. I could really feel changes during the massage. Afterwards, I noticed immediately how my blood circulation transformed. My hands were not "falling asleep" and neither was any other part of my body when they normally would! I could also feel a rise in my kundalini energy or chi. I work many different jobs and am ordinarily worn out by the middle of the week. My energy was so strong that not only did I make it through the week with energy, I was able to work on my own projects at home every night that week in addition to my normal crazy work day. David and Misty are very kind, sincere teachers. They are both very careful with the manner in which they teach this ancient method and also very attentive and instructive. I feel confident in the moves and that I am doing them correctly while keeping the person I am performing this method upon comfortable. And we had fun during every bit of it! This weekend changed me. I am on FIRE!"

-Summer Spillman



"I took a Vedic Thai workshop from David (and Misty) and highly recommend it. There's something in the course for absolutely everyone! I felt the course was incredibly well prepared, David expertly maintained a perfect balance for participants between observing and practicing. This focus is what makes the class so approachable for both non-therapists like myself as well as licensed therapists like my wife. So whether you're a professional looking to add to your repertoire or a couple looking for new ways to spend quality time together, David (and Misty's) calm and expert guidance will provide the inspiration you are looking for. Best of all, the full body, hands-on nature of the Vedic Thai yoga massage makes it very fulfilling to provide. And it feels amazing!"

-David Robinson

"I have had the wonderful opportunity to learn Vedic Thai Yoga from David (and Misty) on more than one occasion. They are the perfect complement to each other and do well in guiding each class based on the people and flow of energy. They add juicy little extras to each session and it varies from meditations, laughter yoga, singing bowl meditations, or sharing a delicious treat, and more. The information is so valuable and helps to relieve body aches and pains. I plan to practice the techniques I have learned from them to better myself as a massage therapist. Thank you David and Misty for everything you offer." 

-Elisha Martin

"David (and Misty) have been an integral part of my journey . Their guided teaching of Thai Yoga is decorated with humor, love, spiritual warm, and knowledge. The patient teaching is informative and easy to follow. Thank You David and Misty for the so eloquently sharing Thai Love Yoga with me."

-Vicky Gardner

Anonymous feedback from our evaluation forms:

"I loved the class. It surpasses my expectations. I've taken other Thai classes, though this one was more intuitive and I enjoyed the way it was expressed. I'll be back for more!"

"Beautifully paced and arranged. Delivered with a great deal of love,  thoughtfulness and wisdom! Really cherished every morsel and group size was great as well."

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