Pet Sitting with Misty

I Love animals in a major way!

It is my greatest joy to be with them

and help them to be happy and

healthy in any way that I can! 

side note:  I switched back to my first name "Misty" summer of 2018 after going by my middle name "Leah" for 10 years, that's why you may see or hear "Leah" here and there. 

"I recommend Leah (Misty) for ANY responsibility. She has a healing, nurturing soul, a pure honest heart and integrity—your pet couldn’t be in better hands!" -Cass M. 

"Amazing!!! I know I can truly enjoy my time away from my pups because the dogs LOVED her instantly
and she always sends photo updates so I have zero worries. Thank you Leah (Misty)!"  -Amy K.

"Leah (Misty) has such a deep love for animals. I always feel so safe leaving my babies in her care. Even when I am out of contact for weeks at a time and am unable to check in with her, I know my cats are well taken care of and maybe even receiving more attention and cuddles than when I'm at home!"  -Katrina R.

Fetching a Stick
Cat Close Up



Because I live in (North) Central Dallas, I am primarily available to serve the radius of  3 miles from me to best optimize my time.  So basically zip code 75230/75231 and very near surrounding zip code. 
I'm happy to consider a furthur distance, depending on the situation,
however a higher rate will apply.  

Overnight at your place                             $65 per night

Overnight visit is 11-13 hours. 

This time frame will be approximately 7 , 8  or 9 pm to 7 , 8 or 9 am.

For new customers, this will include one meet and greet with you and your pets.  If you hire me again

in the future, it will be up to you to get your key to me, or have a way for me to enter your house,

keypad or hidden key somewhere, or you can come drop off your key to me at my home. You're also welcome to pay me for an extra short visit to retrieve your key from you.





*Price based on 1-2 pets. There may be a small additional fee for more animals, depending on the scenario. 

*Sorry, I'm not able to take animals into my home because of our very jealous cat!

Holiday Fee

There will be a price increase of $15 per night on the following holidays:

Thanksgiving eve and day, Christmas eve and day, New Years eve 

You may request a certain time for me to arrive and leave, and I will

do my best to accomodate, however you must be flexible  due to my

often full schedule of work and other life events. Thank you! 

Optional Add-Ons to Overnight visits

Hourly add-on to the overnight shift, arriving earlier in

the evening and/or staying later in the morning



Pop-In Daytime visit, 20-30 min, window of time is 11:00-2:00   



20 minute exercise walk


-Walking is based on 1 or 2 dogs

-They must be pretty good on a leash

-to be scheduled during 12 hour shift 

-If there are big dogs that require me to walk them separately, then 2 charges will apply

-walks are always "weather permitting". Will not walk if it's over 90 degrees, unless it's a

completly shaded area, and the walk will be minimal time, no long exercise walks.


*There will be no extra charge if you live in an apartment and your dog just needs a quick potty walk


Pop-In Daytime Love Visit and Walks

I will be fully present with your beloved pets, playing with, massaging, or just sitting with them, whatever they ask for! 

20-30 minute visit     $20

60 minute visit   $40

You may request a certain time for me to arrive, and

I will do my best to accomodate, however 

you must be flexible  due to my often full schedule 

of work and other life events. Thank you! 

-includes a 10-20 min walk if needed/desired, based on 1-2 dogs, must be pretty good on a leash 

-These daytime visits will typically be in the window of 11:00am-2pm 

-if you'd like a longer block of time booked, email me and I may be able to offer a reduced hourly rate

-I'm able to do up to 4 visits per day (and beyond the hours mentioned above)

(if you'd rather this than have me stay overnight when you're out of town)

There will be an additional fee of $5 for early morning and late night visits. 

Early morning is 6-7am, late evening 8-9pm.

-depending on your location, there may be an additional fee of $5 if you

want me to come during traffic times, 7-9:30am or 3-7pm

Holiday Fee

There will be a price increase of $5 per visit on the following holidays:  

Thanksgiving eve and day, Christmas eve and day, New Years eve and day

Administering Medications

If administering medications for your loved one is a fairly quick and easy task, there will be no additional fee.

If there are multiple medications and/or it is a challenging task to give to them, then there will be an additional fee of $5.

Massage and Energy Therapy

pricing based on 3 mile radius from
75 & Meadow Rd in Dallas.
 Price will increase for further distances.

Is your sweet darling not feeling well, physically or emotionally?

Or perhaps they would just like to experience a loving session

with me to benefit their general health and well-being?

45 minutes $65
90 minutes $125


Contact Misty

call or text (text is best at first because I sometimes don't see my voicemails for some reason but I always see texts, thank you! I'm happy to speak on the phone with you however, or even Facetime!)