Healthy Living is all-encompassing.

We'd like to share more of our healthy

lifestyle choices & interests with you.

Take what you need and leave the rest!

Raw Vegan/Fruitarian

 Fear of fruit sugar?

Read this to learn more.

There are SO many great YouTube

raw food teachers, here's just one

Vegan Lifestyle

Here's a basic starter guide for you!

Please email us if you have any questions,

we'd be happy to offer a bit of

guidance on your vegan journey! 

Leah has had quite a bit of experience, at 10+ years vegan now, and David celebrated his 1 year

vegan-versary October 2017.

Conscious Dance

The Power of Conscious Dance

in Natural Awakenings Magazine


Here are a few of our favorites:

5 Rhythms

Dancing Freedom

Journey Dance

More to come! 

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